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Gold Plating Equipments
Gold Plating Machine is designed for various industrial areas such as electronics, jewelry, designing, dental and more. It provides hassle free operations, longer functional life, high performance efficiency, easy installation etc.
Jewellery Cleaning Machines
Jewellery Cleaning Machines are widely utilized for cleaning different kinds of jeweleries in a trouble free manner. These are easy to operate, highly durable, compact in size, light in weight etc.
Jewellery Polishing machines
These Jewellery Polishing Machines are constructed for providing a polished surface to the jewellery. They provide a long lasting shine along with smooth texture and flawless appearance to the ornaments.
Electroplating Machine
Electroplating machine provided in FRT IV and FRT III models, is used to carry out the electroplating process in workshops and factories. In the provess one metal is plated onto other, with an aim to prevent metal rusting and corrosion.
Steam Cleaning Machine
When it comes to an effective steam cleaning machine for cleaning jewellery and other items, get in touch with Fine Rhodium to purchase it. As the very name implies, this machine uses the medium of stream to clean items.
Jewellery Rhodium Plating Machine
Our offered Jewellery Rhodium Plating Machine is extensively used for providing a plating of nickel, silver, gold etc. to the ornaments. It has a sturdy construction that is anti-corrosive in nature and smooth functioning.
Electroplating Rectifiers
Industrial Electroplating Rectifiers find their applications in converting AC into DC supply. These are known for their optimum service, hassle free usage, compact size, high strength, seamless finishing etc.
Jewelry Nano Coating Machine
Jewelry Nano Coating Machine is used for protecting the jeweleries from corrosion or rust. It is applicable for copper, gold,  aluminium, brass, silver and more. This machine gives a long lasting protection and shine.
Jewellery Casting Machines
The said Jewellery Casting Machines are used in numerous jewelery industries for casting different metals pieces. These are known for their impeccable performance, user-friendly structure, easy operations and so on.
Gold Refining Machines
Gold Refining Machines are best suitable for refining different types of metals such as palladium, silvers, gold, platinum and more. These are highly acclaimed for their durability, smooth functioning and reliability.
Magnetic Stirrer
Industrial Magnetic Stirrer find its application in science laboratories for hassle free stirring of diverse chemicals. It also provide aid of rotating magnetic forces and is integrated with maximum durability, optimum service and more.
Vacuum Buffing Machine
Vacuum Buffing Machine is helpful in coating the metals with fine finishing and long lasting shine. It is easy to operate due to its simple operations and compact size. This machine has anti-corrosive nature and durability.
Hot Air Dryer
Hot air dryer is a compact hot air drying machine that is driven by a motor. Made of stainless steel and other material, this machine is available in three sizes and capacities. 
Electric Air Blower
Electric air blower is what you need for ventilation, drying, cooling and other applications. The high speed, electrically operated air blower requires 1/4 to 5 hp power. 
EP Sticker Making Plant
EP sticker making plant makes the EP sticker making process simple and fast. This plant is what you need if you are in a printing business. Using this plant, metal and automobile stickers can be developed. 
Jewelry Plating Chemicals
Plating is one of the processes in the jewelry making, and in this process, one needs to use jewelry plating chemicals. Our company supplies these liquid based chemicals to jewelry making workshops. 
Jewellery Making Tools
Other than jewelry plating chemicals, our company serves jewellery businesses with jewellery making tools. These are manual and electric tools required during jewellery plating work.
PP Electroplating Tank
PP electroplating tank can be availed in desired size from us. Our company serves chemical, electronic and other industries with its product line. 
Electroplating Chemical Filter
In electroplating work, electroplating chemical filter is needed to filter out all micro impurities in the chemical. This motor driven filter has a simple design and robust construction.  
Anode Cathode Basket
Our company serves plating, anodizing and metal finishing industries with a range of equipment, anode cathode basket is one of them. The basket can be availed in any size and style. The basket can be identified by the hook design, for instance V lift hook, U hook, etc. 
Electro Forming Unit

Electro Forming Units are highly demanded by the industry of electronics. These make use of the electroformed nickel components in several applications. They are used for the production of currency notes as well as postage stamps. These units are used to make plastic optical lenses, mirrors and holograms.

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